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Slow Fashion & Business Wear: Made to Be Lovers...

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Men Business Attire - 50's vs Today

It might appear as a strange combo. At first glance, Slow Fashion has a "bobo" image, being less compatible with the strict view of the business code. Yet, Let us think about it taking a different perspective.

What is Slow Fashion? Broadly, Slow Fashion is about clothes of high quality produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. But it is also about clothes that can be kept and worn beyond one season. Aha...Then, let's have a look at business wear.

Business attire did not evolve fundamentally from the 50's until today. The pictures on your right and left are speaking for themselves.

Women Business Attire - 50's vs Today

For man, it is mainly composed of a suit and shirt. For woman, it also a suit or a dress, even if business wear for woman tends to be a bit broader. You can read more about business code from one of my other blog articles: "Business Wear: Crack the Code!".

So, now, shall we try to match the two? Of course! As business wear does not change significantly from one season to another, it could be the style best representing the Slow Fashion movement. When you work in an office, you do not need thousands of clothes. You rather need items that match together as a means to have a few outfits that you can wear all year round. Furthermore, as you are able to keep your business wardrobe, you can and wish to focus on quality and sustainability clothes.

Well, Slow Fashion and business wear are indeed made to be lovers...Moreover, this love story could last for long. Some famous business attire brands start to follow the move. For example, Hugo Boss recently presently shoes in...pineapple leather. Other brands are also digging into the trend. Because it feels good to wear sustainable.

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