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Recycling Clothes: Discover Second Hand September!

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Every season change implies changes in our wardrobe. These changes might be putting aside Summer clothes for next year but might be making space. Perfect, so after some space-making, you realise that you want to part from some clothes. The question following is how? Well, your clothes could still make a few miles before the trash bin. See below...

First, other members of your family might be interested in your clothes. How many daughters did not "borrow" clothes from their mothers', and vice-versa...

Then, you could give your clothes to charity. A good example of a charity taking fashion goods in a decent state is Terre (in Belgium). Terre collects those in bubbles spread out all over the country.

Another possibility is to use your clothes differently. For example, old socks and panties are perfect to clean-up leather shoes. If you are skilled in knitting, you could also do some patchwork plaids. No, no, absolutely no reference with Twilight and the patchwork blanket Bella receives from her mother made of their old Holiday t-shirts...

Finally, comes another initiative for increasing the lifetime of your clothes: the 'Second Hand September'. Oxfam created the concept of second-hand September, which pledges to shop only second hand during that month (and more if wished). This means that other people could like the clothes you are not using anymore. It is becoming more and more simple to sell the clothes that you no more used via various platforms (like Vinted, only to cite one) or through the Oxfam shops. The concept is very simple: keeping clothes from landfill. The initiative have two advantages. One is very straightforward: sustainability. The other is more subtle: sending a message. Yes, sending a message to retailers asking them to change their business models to better protect the people who make our clothes and the planet we all share.

The "people" matter is tackled by selecting fair trade suppliers and retailers, when possible, and, if not fair trade, ensuring that suppliers are having decent working conditions for their employees. The "environmental" matter is considered by three means. One mean is selecting quality products. Quality resists time and thus the goods will last longer. Another mean is selecting items that mix and match. It is easier to keep a clothe or accessory that you can wear with several outfits. The last mean is selecting goods that are using less resources, especially less water.

Wishing you all a super second hand September, either as a seller or as a buyer!

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