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Fair Trade or How to Respect (Women) Producers...

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Traditional Indigo Dyeing in West Africa

Fair trade is a way of doing business that put people and our planet first.

Fair trade is about income sustainability for producers so they have the required money to invest in their lives and work.

Fair trade is about empowerment. It usually empowers people from developing countries to think about their community and families. It is against child labour and in favour of schooling. Moreover, giving a fair price to producers enables them to develop their activities and in the end, improve product quality. Fair trade is also about stewardship in our way of living, buying and using the resources of our planet.

Moreover, fair trade suppliers often promotes women empowerment. Fair trade can be a true levy for woman empowerment around the world, from Ghana to Nepal. Encouraging women's handicrafts will finally help build a better economy and help third-country ladies to invest in their health and children's education.

Batik Fabric Manufacturing in Ghana

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