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Back to Work After Lockdown

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

This is it, we now need to stop home-working, at least partially, and go back to work after a COVID-19 lockdown.

Going back to work can create anxiety but it can also be very nice, i.e. seeing back some colleagues and changing working environment. Two things certain: (1) we will need to dress-up again (because, yes, we all did some home-working in pyjamas) and (2) we need to protect ourselves and others by respecting barrier rules. However, as we are taught in business, we should see constraints as opportunities. Dressing-up again can help our self-esteem. Indeed, we all look better in a suit than in home wear. Moreover, we develop different ways of saying "hello" to people. Personally, my favorite is the "Wakanda-style" (in reference to the Marvel Movie Black Panther). Then, comes the mask, which is a whole new thing we need to adopt us, Europeans. Well, here too, one can found a chance to be creative with or DIY mask or even stylish with well-designed items.

One thing certain, this pandemia affects and will continue to affect us all. Thus, let us try to have a positive mindset until things are back to normal again. In the meantime, take care of yourself and stay safe.

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